Tale of an Exhausting Day: Biryani to Rescue

Indian cuisine dishes are quite popular among people around the world. Indian food charms people with the aroma, colours and the anticipation of flavours. Also, Indian cuisine is quite a broad term. It includes many different types of dishes. The level of chilli, the type of spices and in general the process of cooking varies in different regions, where the dishes come from. In the UK, we are lucky to have Indian cuisine takeaways everywhere around. As a fan of Indian cuisine dishes, I am very glad that I have quite a reliable Indian cuisine takeaway close by my neighborhood in Cottenham, Cambridge CB24.

Exhausting Day, Relief on the way

I had quite a long day at college last Saturday. I am still a graduate student and this time before Christmas is always exhausting. Way too many assignments, presentations, and lab sessions. I had to submit three assignments, talked to many supervisor about my upcoming defense in next summer and had a lab exam that day. If that was not enough, my car engine heated up while I was driving back. Turned out, the coolant and water level in radiator was rather low.

It took me quite some time to fix that issue. Somehow, I still managed to drive back to Cottenham by 6:00 pm. Anyway, I knew I had zero energy or motivation to make something for dinner. I stopped by Curry Palace, my most favourite Indian cuisine takeaway and picked up my dinner that I ordered online while I waited the engine to cool down for pouring coolant and water.

The Delight of Biryani!

I ordered Chicken Biryani, because I won’t be able to tear Naan breads and scoop the gravy with that. As usual, the Biryani was quite treat. It filled up my tummy, and the smell of it in a way wiped away my exhaustion of such a long, hectic day.

I sincerely recommend you to try the Biryani dishes of Curry Palace. It tastes incredible. However, the menu of Curry Palace also contains some other ambrosial Indian cuisine dishes. If you are an Indian cuisine enthusiast, the dishes are very likely going to give you an incredible Indian cuisine eating experience.

You can easily order a takeaway collection order online from the website of Curry Palace. They are open seven days a week.

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