Sushi Diary: My First Japanese Food Experience

Japanese cuisine does not just bear the ancient tradition of culinary excellence, but also it is considered as a form of art. However, this impeccable and artful cuisine took a long time to enter the cosmopolitan food culture for the UK. The first Japanese cuisine restaurant in the UK opened in 70’s. It took us a while to appreciate the excellence of Japanese cuisine. Predominantly, Japanese food was popular as finger food for corporate meetups. But from 90’s and onwards we have embraced Japanese food in full swing. Now sushi is so widely popular among us that we often order takeaways for dinner and lunches.It is only likely to prefer Japanese food for lunch at work. Generally, it is healthy, less messy, and can be eaten quickly. I think that is probably why we have so many Japanese cuisine takeaways around these days.

It’s Raining Sushi

I just hope you did not link the title to the famous Weather Girl song. However, my first Sushi experience was fairly recent. Please don’t judge me. I was raised in a strict diet, my parents were not big fans of non-European cuisines. I remember, my first ever takeaway experience was during college. Anyway, even I was not super excited about Japanese food, I was heavily misinformed how those were prepared. It was one particular evening when I was driving back from work with my friend who carpools with me. It was quite a rainy evening and my car engine broke halfway. It surely sounds like a cliché, but the engine broke right in front of a Japanese Restaurant. My friend suggested we should get inside until the mechanic we called arrive. I should thank Brandon for the push. If he did not make me try the California Roll, I would probably never know how delicious it tasted. Or any other Japanese food either.

However, I have moved to new neighborhood and there is a great Japanese Restaurant and takeaway nearby. Tokyo Sushi serves really tasteful and fresh Sushi and other popular Japanese food.


A Sushi Get Together

Last weekend Brandon stopped by, We do not get to see each other often these days since I work and live in a different place now. He still brags about the fact that he “opened a new world for me”. I think he has the right to brag about finding one of the best Japanese food restaurants in Holloway, Tokyo Sushi. Brandon did not object. He was already too preoccupied with appreciate how incredible the Grilled Salmon Avocado Uramaki and Grilled Duck Teriyaki were. Also, just to top it off, I ordered some Mochi with it. Brandon almost cried. Mochi is his favorite dessert. The “chubby bunny mochi challenge” is his favourite party trick to “entertain” others.

Anyway, you should try Tokyo Sushi if you are into Japanese food. They do home deliveries as well. You can take a look at their takeaway menu for more information. Tokyo Sushi serves in Muswell Hill N10, Barnsbury N1, Canonbury N1, Kings Cross N1, Islington N1, Pentonville N1, De Beauvoir Town N1, Hoxton N1, South Tottenham N15, Harringay N15, West Green N15, Seven Sisters N15, Stamford Hill N15, Stoke Newington N16, Stamford Hill N16, Shacklewell N16, Dalston N16, Newington Green N16, Upper Holloway N19, Archway N19, Tufnell Park N19, Hornsey N19, East Finchley N2, Fortis Green N2, Hampstead Garden Suburb N2, Finsbury Park N4, Manor House N4, Harringay N4, and Stroud Green N4.

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