Spice Up Your Weekends with Curry Joints in South East London

In last five decades, United Kingdom has witnessed the journey of Indian cuisine from occasional treats to weekend traditions. There are many reasons why slowly Indian cuisines assimilated with our food culture. Definitely, the whole Indian subcontinent being a part of British Empire had something to do with it. But Indian Subcontinent was not the only part of vast British Empire with different cultures and cuisines. That is why the questions remain, why traditional Indian cuisines became an integral part of Indian cuisine? Not everyone thinks of pondering one fact that linked our national eating preference and habits to the Indian Sub-Continental eating habits.Traditional Indian dishes are stew based like our English dishes. In other words, curry is somewhat similar to our traditional dishes. That has something to do with our fondness for Indian cuisine dishes. The popularity of Indian cuisine led to the fact that Chicken Tikka Masala was declared as a national dish in 2001.

I am thankful that we have Indian cuisine restaurants and takeaways around us everywhere. Both my parents had a thing for spiced up curry dishes and I have inherited every bit of that from them. We have been living in Lee Green for three generations, and there are some very good Indian cuisine restaurants in our neighborhood and places around. My friends call me “curry-centric” (a play on “eccentric), due to my persisting preference for curry dishes. It is hard for me to stop when I start talking about curry dishes. I will, however, try to keep my surge of enthusiasm for curry to a controlled level and present my opinions.

Before starting, I want you to know, this is all about Indian Cuisine takeaways and restaurants in Lee Green and places in proximity, also, the suggestions and opinions are strictly mines. Also, please note, I love to lounge. So I order more deliveries and collections than actually dining in restaurants. And I am a little picky about restaurants, hence, you can rely on the services of the dine-in restaurants I am about to mention.

Close to Home, Close To Heart: My Favorite Indian Takeaway in Lee Green

Curry World Indian Takeaway is just a few pace of walk away from my apartment. Since I have moved to this neighborhood, this Indian cuisine takeaway has almost become a substitution of my kitchen duties during every alternate weekend. Most of the time I walk over there to order my favorite dishes (I am going to talk about those soon), but sometimes I order a delivery as well. Some lazy weekends are not for going out.

I am into various Indian cuisine dishes, but I especially love the Mongo chicken dish they make in Curry World. This house special dish is actually chicken cooked in coconut milk and mango sauce and tasteful herbs. This is my regular order. I might order other items sometimes, but for me, Mongo Chicken is a must. Even the staffs there know it. I won’t be surprised if they call me the “Mongo Chicken Man”. Actually, I’d rather love that. They have an adjacent sushi joint as named Sushi World as well.

I believe I was too overwhelmed about my affinity for Mongo Chicken. They do have other tasteful dishes as well. I’ll particularly recommend their Biryani and Balti dishes. They are really delicious too.

Restaurants and Takeaways I Frequent to (And Love)

My workplace is in Kent. Just an hour of drive away from where I live. Sometimes I pick dinner right after work from Takeaways and Restaurant services around. Again, these are my personal observations.

If you want to taste traditional Indian cuisine of the vegetarian kind in Kent, you should definitely try Bengal Lancer. This collection only takeaway service of Chislehurst offers really tasteful vegetarian dishes. They bring the art of very authentic Indian vegetarian cooking practice for our consumption. You will love their excellent Bhagare Begun, Khumb Nagpuri, Gobhi Aloo Masala or Sag Paneer. I’m just naming only a few. Go to their website and your mind will be blown by their wide range of mouthwatering vegetarian dishes. Bengal Lancer offers good non-vegetarian dishes too.

However, if you have an affinity for special curry dishes, I will suggest you try this takeaway of Bourne Way, Kent called Lazeez. If you browse the website of Lazeez, you will get what I mean. They offer some incredible special dishes, you will find them under the category “Lazeez Special”. Like the dish named Satkora, a chicken dish cooked with herbs and a special lemon named Satkora. Or Chicken Chilli Masala, another dish of chicken cooked in delicious sauce with Green Chilli.

And there is a restaurant I will especially recommend you all to try. This is so far the best Indian cuisine restaurant I have ever been into, actually, this restaurant is one of the best restaurants I’ve ever been to. It is Maharani Indian Restaurant of Sidcup. They offer really good traditional Indian cuisine dishes. And the whole restaurant environment is a rather great place to dine it. The staffs are very friendly and it is very likely that you will enjoy your whole meal in Maharani Indian Restaurant.

If you are in Lee or Kent, love Indian cuisine and have some time in hand, I believe, you will find my suggestions helpful. I am all ears for your suggestions regarding takeaways and restaurants in these areas. Feel free to share your opinions and suggestions and experiences in the takeaways and restaurants above.

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