Of New Places and Same Delicious Chicken Tikka Massala

Indian cuisine dishes have won many hearts worldwide with the enthralling aroma, exciting colours, and mouth-watering flavours. This tasteful cuisine has been associated to the UK for more than two century. Even though Indian cuisine restaurants and takeaways were not propular until the mid 1900’s. In Victorian periods the Royal dining menu contained curry dishes as well. Now we, the people of the UK are lucky enough to have Indian cuisine restaurants and takeaways in almost every corner of many localities.(Indian) Food Around the Corner For Me!

Moving in the new neighbourhood recently was not easy. This is the first time I am going to live completely on my own. No roommates or flatmates like before. The moment the people from home removal service left, I was alone with the unpacked bags, bare furniture and an empty stomach. For the curry fan I am, I wished to be treated with piping hot Chicken Tikka Massala and some Lemon Rice. I felt as if empty kitchen and unpacked utensils were laughing at me. I did not even have the energy to slap some cold tomato and lettuce in my box that I packed my breakfast in between two bread slices.

I sat on the cold floor and started browsing internet for the best Indian cuisine takeaway near my place in Iffley OX4.

Then I found the website of Indian Rasoi. They delivered in my area. AND THEYS SERVED CTM! Of course I ordered without thinking twice.

For Whom the Doorbell Tolls or Rings?

I did not have to wait a moment longer than the estimated delivery time. The bell rang, and I opened the door immediately. I am sure I have scared the delivery man. However, the moment I opened the box, the pleasant smell of Chicken Tikka Massala tickled my nostrils.

The Chicken Tikka Massala was oven fresh, so was the Lemon Rice. However, the menu of Indian Rasoi also contains other Indian dishes, even the traditional old favourites like Vindaloo, Korma, Madras– etc.

Later I learned Indian Rasoi also serves in Headington OX3, Horspath OX33 & Kennington, Donnington in OX1. I am new here, I am the one who should be asking for recommendations. But believe me, my taste-buds are experienced in good Indian food, thanks to my roommate in college. I would definitely recommend every Indian food fan in Oxford to try this takeaway.

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