Indian Food: Great Beyond Taste!

Indian food has a lot of things offer. For example, the great taste, the incredible texture and the alluring aroma. However, recently I have found out there is more to it than just those. Indian food is actually good for health. Wait, did this statement surprise you? This is going to be interesting then!

Kill ‘em All: Bacteria Edition

Ignore the Metallica reference for a while and tell me what do you think about Indian food in the first place. What do you think about this cuisine? Too bad I cannot read your opinions, as I am writing. However, I can guess some of your responses. You are very likely to consider Indian dishes tasty, alluring and greasy. Something only good on your taste-buds.

Believe me, there is more to it! Indian food is far from a one-dimensional “delicious” food. It comes with different benefits. It indeed is delicious. It is also good on your stomach. I am saying this because the Indian dishes we generally consume are prepared with garlic, cumin, ginger, cardamom – etc. These herbs and spices have special health benefits. All of these ingredients either has anti-bacterial properties, or at least slow down the growth of bacteria in stomach. Also, some of the ingredients are good for people suffering from arthritis and fend off Alzheimer’s threats. Incredible, isn’t it?

Indian food is a total win-win. The food tastes good, defends our stomach from bad bacteria and at the same time fights off diseases that might make life harder in older age.

What to Eat, Where to Eat

Before I start, please know I am speaking for people in Horsham RH12, Littlehaven, Broadbridge Heath, Warnham in RH12 & Itchingfield, Nuthurst, Slinfold in RH13.

As I was saying, I am not ignoring the fact that constantly eating spicy, greasy meat dishes would not affect your health. All that I am saying is, there is more to Indian food than those. For example, the Indian cuisine restaurant in Horsham I regularly order takeaouts from offers incredibly tasteful Indian dishes. My most favourite ones offered from New Curry Centre (the said restaurant) are Meen Portal, Keppa Jul and Fish Methi.

New Curry Centre is most reliable when it comes to authentic Indian takeaway service. You can check the online ordering menu of New Curry Centre.

Again, I am not saying “don’t eat meaty dishes”. All I am suggesting to you is to taste the Indian fish dishes. This is an equally prominent territory of Indian cuisine. Also, fishes add more to health benefits.

In continuation with “health benefits”, note that New Curry Centre is rated 5 out of 5 in Food and Hygiene ratings. The dishes New Curry Centre serves are safe and hygienic. You can trust them when it comes to eating healthy. Bon appetit!

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