Indian Food: Friend or Foe?

The other day a recently health conscious friend was telling me about how he was not going to touch Indian food anymore, because such greasy food will make him obese.It make me wonder is that really supposed to be a thing. For I am an avid fan of Indian food and therefore I did some searching on internet about how plausible the “claim” my friend made. If you are a fan of Indian food, I have good news for you. I am going to celebrate the good news with some Indian food. I have already ordered my dinner from an Indian takeaway in High Street South LU6.

The Cuisine is Not Your Enemy, Your Choice Is!

Are you easily seduced by the idea of a spicy and creamy bowl of Chicken Tikka Masala? Well, then you might be the problem, not the cuisine itself!

It is same with most curry and Indian food fans in the west. We tend to think Indian food is all about meaty dishes. Well, meaty dishes are cool and tasty, no doubt about that! But Indian food is more than just meaty dishes.

There are more to Indian food than just meat dishes. We often forget how many delicious vegetarian Indian dishes exist. A large population of South Asian territories are strictly vegetarian. The cuisines originated in these regions smells alluring, tastes amazing and are healthier. There is another healthy side of delicious Indian food we often forget about. Indian sea food. The deliciousness of fresh sea food paired with the flavours emanating from Indian spices tantalize and rejuvenises the palates and nourishes the health with minerals and vitamins.

Speaking of the “Indian spices”, these spices have health benefits too. Garlic, cardamom, ginger and turmeric for instance have good anti-bacterial properties. Something many western spices/seasonings do not contain. Traditionally in the tropical environment, they use these spices for preserving meat for a longer period. And now these anti-bacterial spices don’t make the meat or other dishes easy on our body. Some of these mentioned spices are good for people suffering from arthritis as well.

Yes, “Indian food” is not “bad” for your health in general, but your choice of Indian food might be.

Indian Food at the Doorstep!

My order of Fish Jaloori and Garlic Naan with a side of Sag Panir just arrived. And I could not even finish the blog. The takeaway service of Vantage Restaurant is very efficient. If you are within the delivery area, you can order your favourite Indian food to be delivered to your doorstep easily from Vantage Restaurant’s website. They deliver in St Albans AL3, Childwickbury AL3, Flamstead AL3, Gorhambury AL3, Markyate AL3, Porters Wood AL3, Redbourn AL3, Sandridge AL3, Berkhamsted HP4, Dagnall HP4, Dudswell HP4, Little Gaddesden HP4, Northchurch HP4, Potten End HP4, Ringshall HP4, Luton (South) LU1, Aley Green LU1, Caddington LU1, Lower Woodside LU1, Pepperstock LU1, Skimpot LU1, Slip End LU1, Woodside LU1, Luton (North) LU3, Lower Sundon LU3, Streatley LU3, Sundon LU3, Luton (West) LU4, Chalton LU4, Leagrave LU4, Dunstable (East including Woodside Estate) LU5, Bidwell LU5, Chalgrave LU5, Fancott LU5, Harlington LU5, Houghton Regis (including Townsend Industrial Estate) LU5, Thorn LU5, Toddington LU5, Dunstable (West)LU6, Eaton Bray LU6, Edlesborough LU6, Holywell LU6, Kensworth LU6, Northall LU6, Sewell LU6, Studham LU6, Totternhoe LU6, Whipsnade LU6.

Sure, continuously consuming greasy and gravy Indian food is not the best decision. However, you can occasionally try those, right? In the menu of Vantage Restaurant you will find plenty of interesting and mouth-watering Indian dishes to try. They also offer many seafood and vegetable side dishes. You can easily have the best of the both worlds in Vantage.

As a foodie, who maintains a healthy lifestyle, I would suggest you to give Vantage Restaurant a try. You be the judge, whether or not this is a great Indian cuisine restaurant and takeaway.

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