Indian Food: What is the Best Part of It?

I used to wonder if there is anything good about Indian food. Is it just a greasy, junk dish or there is more to it? My met was on the first one. However, I was wondering about whatever good there was regarding Indian food one lazy Sunday afternoon. I was never been so wrong before in my life!

What’s More To Indian Food?

We considered Indian food and high on calories. What we Western people often forget that, we think so, because that is the only kind of Indian food we “prefer”.

In Indian subcontinent, the home of this alluring cuisine, there are many regions where people are strictly vegetarian areas. In many of such place, people don’t even use eggs to cook meals. The dishes of these regions are no less alluring than the meaty meals. And at the same time, fish based dishes play a significant role just as meat based dishes.

That is why we should think harder, and decide what we really want and what we know, when it comes to this magical cuisine. Indian food can be incredibly tasty and health friendly. Personally I prefer Indian fish dishes very much.

Even though generally I am not into fish dishes at all. I feel so because, the spices used in cooking Indian fish dishes accentuate the taste for me.

Knock Knock!

As I have just said, I find Indian fish dishes fish dishes very tasteful. And my takeaway order from an Indian cuisine restaurant in Christchurch BH1.

Eye of the Tiger, the said restaurant serves a very delicious dish called Sylheti Sizzler. Along with this tasty dish, came my regular order of Cauliflower Bhaji and Plain Boiled Rice. I am going to concentrate on my dinner.

Anyway, if you are a fellow Indian food fan, and want to eat healthy, you can take a look at the menu of Eye of the Tiger.

Eye of the Tiger has been serving the curry fans since 1979. They are known for the quality and service. You will find necessary information regarding placing orders in their website.

In case you care interested, Eye of the Tiger serves in Muscliff BH8, Boscombe BH1, Westbourne BH4, Pokesdown BH5, Winton BH3, Wallisdown BH12, Rossmore BH12 and Branksome BH12.

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