Hot Tubs & Hot Curries: Diary of a Picky Eater

There is something magical about Indian food. When I was young, we used to live in a neighborhood, where many South Asian families lived. They were very hospitable in general. I was amused by the way of adding colour and spice to life and living a simple yet interesting life that they practiced. However, the best part of my neighbors were their festivities. They would often invite the children around whenever something would come up and indulge us with traditional Indian food. This thing has spoiled me as an adult to be honest. I am very fussy about eating out in Indian cuisine restaurants or ordering meals from Indian cuisine takeaways.

Visiting Cousins in Bristol: A Very Curry Night!

My cousin Larry (well, he is far from the troublemaker one George of the jungle had) invited me over to his place last weekend. It has been a while since we hung out. Larry, his younger brother Greg and I were inseparable when we were younger.

Well, the trip to Bristol was eventful. Larry promised, I have a lot to look forward to than just a game of latest Mortal Kombat. Larry is not much of a bragger. If he hints something interesting, it is likely to be.

My anticipations were not wrong. Larry moved to a new place. His new house is the most perfect place a single make in his late 20’s would desire.

We had a lot of fun in his backyard pool, which also had a hot tub. Boy! It was like our prime resolution when we were 6-7 years old, that someday we will have our own hot tub and the crazy dive showdowns with the lads made me hungry. Then we heard the rumbling sounds of Greg’s stomach.

Larry reached for his phone and fiddled with it for a few moments. Then told us that he has taken care of the dinner. It will be arriving within an hour.

As I have said before, Larry is not much of an exaggerator. The dinner did arrive right in time. We have dried up and seated in the poolside table. Larry brought the package from front door.

INDIAN FOOD! Larry ordered Indian food! He knows how I feel about ordered Indian food, this better be up to the mark!

I was not very discrete about my thoughts and Larry could see! A smug smile was playing in the corner of my otherwise humble cousin.

I would never blame Larry for being smug! When I opened my package, I knew Larry had every reason to smile like a smug! The Chicken Madras smelled as if it was straight from Mrs Sukumaran’s kitchen! She was our friendly next-door neighbor when we were young.

Boy! That Indian cuisine takeaway Larry ordered from must be very good!

Madras in Bristol: Best Indian Takeaway Experience!

It was a great dinner experience! The Chicken Madras was just as it should be! Hot, spicy and tasteful, and the Cheese Naan bread was good too. Larry said the name of that Indian cuisine restaurant in Bristol BS40 is Deliver Express. They are local favourite Indian cuisine takeaway. I did take a look at the online ordering menu of Deliver Express. It was brilliant! They offer so many dishes.

I wish I lived in Bristol. Honestly, then I was really jealous of Larry, living closer to such incredible Indian cuisine takeaway is way cooler than having a hot tub in backyard.

Anyway, if you are lucky enough to live in Bristol, I suggest you to try Deliver Express. They serve in Regil BS40, Dundry BS41, Potters Hill DE4

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