The Healthy Side of Indian Food

No doubt, Indian food is so alluring that we cannot resist the charm of it. However, many health conscious, or move like calorie conscious people have doubt about the health concerns regarding Indian food. As a die-hard fan of Indian food, I find myself personally responsible to dive in this “allegation”. Well, by “diving in”, I mean searching internet, your dietician may have different opinion, and totally suggest that supersedes my findings. However, in general, I just want you to hear me out.

Is it Our Choice or is it the Cuisine?

Let me tell you where it goes “wrong”. The problem is with us. I don’t want to rant, but I might sometimes get a bit sarcastic here. Indian food means so much to me that I feel like defending the assumed allegations against it!

The thing is, we look up for meaty, high in carb and fatty dishes, when it comes to Indian food. We often forget one key thing about Indian dishes. How popular vegetarian and fish dishes are in India as well as the whole South Asia. Vegetarian diets are strictly practiced in many parts of South Asia. At the same time, fishes- both freshwater and saltwater are highly available in many parts over there. This highly popular, authentic Indian dishes are often overlooked by us. We should think this through. Just blatantly blaming a whole cuisine for a few greasy dishes is not the wisest thing so far. Besides, the herbs generally used in cooking are very good for health. For example, turmeric- a spice that is used in many Indian dishes comes from a plant with a root rich in curcumin. Curcumin is good for treating people with psychological disorders.

At the same time, turmeric, cumin, cardamom, ginger and garlic have good anti-bacterial properties. Some of these spices are good for helping people with arthritis as well.

A Healthy Delivery

Well, as they say, “Live by example”, I am trying to convey a virtual version of that message now. I have ordered my dinner from an Indian cuisine takeaway in Main Street BT20. My order was simple, Telapia Fish, Sag Panir and Boiled Rice. My order has already arrived. Bangla is a very esteemed Indian takeaway and restaurant in Bangor. This restaurant is renowned for efficiency and culinary excellence. Bangla has won many awards and accolades for their service.

This is my suggestion to every Indian food fan in Bangor. Go and check the menu of Bangla, it is a delight.

Bangla serves in Holywood BT18, Craigavad BT18, Bangor BT19, Crawfordsburn BT19, Groomsport BT19, Helens Bay BT19, Bangor BT20, Donaghadee BT21, Newtownards BT22, Ardkeen BT22, Ballyhalbert BT22, Ballywalter BT22, Carrowdore BT22, Cloughey BT22, Greyabbey BT22, Kircubbin BT22, Millisle BT22, Portaferry BT22, Portavogie BT22, Newtownards BT23, Ballygowan BT23, Comber BT23, Conlig BT23, Killinchy BT23, Moneyrea BT23. If you feel like ordering in Indian dinner, you can try this takeaway. Their website is quite helpful and has all the necessary ordering information.

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