A Foodie’s Thoughts: Why Indian Food is Great Beyond Taste

I am not a man of many hobbies. Whenever I am bored, and have nothing interesting to do, I search around for strange questions in my mind on internet. Like the other evening, I was wondering if there are some special benefits of eating Indian food. The thought was not “out of the blue” though, I just ordered dinner from an Indian cuisine takeaway, and was waiting for it to arrive. Let me share my quick and hungry findings with you.

Is there any good in Indian food?

Why is Indian food so appealing? The first response to this question is simple, it tastes so good and the aroma is tantalizing. But if we go deeper than that, like the real “food science”, people say, the ingredients in Indian food are contrasting in flavour, and that creates an unique flavour, which is very appealing.

But are there any special benefits? Like most tasty and appealing food come with some serious drawbacks, right?

Well, even a mere dweeb like me can say, the Indian food is heavy, greasy and full of carbs. That was what I used to think. Recently, I got to know better. We only order those “greasy” dishes. Apparently, we are doing it wrong. We only think about meaty and greasy dishes when it comes to Indian food. That is where we make the mistake. Traditionally, vegetarian and light food items are equally popular and available in South Asia. That is why Indian food is more than just “greasy, meaty, fat generators”. There are many healthy vegetable alternatives to the popular meaty dishes that you can try sometimes. Also, there are many fish items available in Indian takeaways. Those are quite healthy too. Moreover, occasionally eating some yummy, meaty food don’t hurt (unless your dietician disagrees).

The fact that fascinated me most was, how some herbs and spices used in Indian food are so good for our health. Ingredients used in making curry dishes work well in treating arthritis, and help to fight off Alzheimer’s threats.

Also, these said spices, i.e: ginger, garlic, cardamom, cinnamon etc. are natural antibacterial. Generally, when meat is cooked with these ingredients, the bacteria in meat are neutralized thanks to these spices and herbs.

The Bell Rings!

I am going to excuse myself, and enjoy my delightful Salmon Tikka and Garlic Rice. I order my Indian food from Green Chilli. This Indian cuisine takeaway in Kempston MK42 serves very delicious Indian food. I recommend everyone to check the menu of Green Chilli. It is a diverse combination of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. I don’t think I can ignore the well-packed dinner delivery anymore. All I can say is, give Green Chilli a try. Their cooking is delicious. They serve in Biddenham MK40, Kempston MK42, Begwary MK44 and Haynes MK45.

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