My Fish Curry Story: A Change of Palate

Even though Indian cuisine reminds us, the people of west about Chicken Tikka Masala or Biryani– or other meaty Indian cuisine dishes. At the same time, there are many fish based Indian dishes and more popular in many regions of South Asia. Like the seafood in Goan area or the freshwater fishes in Bengal. These dishes are healthy and tasty. There are some Indian cuisine takeaways and restaurants, especially in Brick Lane that offers the best fish based Indian cuisine curries.  One such Indian restaurant/takeaway has changed me as a person significantly.

A Very Fishy Wishy Day: Lunchtime Intervention

I was never into consuming fish. Those scaly (or not-scaly) water-creatures could never appeal me.  Actually, I was quite repulsed by the idea of eating fish. The smell would always throw me off. Also, picking the bone is another mundane and tiresome thing. Like what are you supposed to do? Try and make yourself enjoy the smelly and horrid flesh or watch out for the bones that might puncture your esophagus if you are not careful.

My colleagues at the new workplace were somewhat “stunned” when they learned about my disdain for fish. They were determined to change my disposition. I was literally interrogated by them with questions like why I hated fish, how many Indian and Bengali cuisine dishes have I consumed. They were acting like MI agents, as they were trying not to tell me what was going on. However, I could hear words like takeaway, Indian, Bengali. I could care less to be honest.

However, one day they somewhat dragged me with them to lunch table and served me the a fish based Indian dish that they ordered from a local Indian cuisine restaurant/takeaway in Brick Lane, since our office is so close to that! When it was served to me, I couldn’t even tell what fish that was. Anyway, they were so persistent, and I had to concede.

The Palate Awakening!

Turned out, that was Fish Kofta Masala and they ordered it from an Indian cuisine restaurant/takeaway named Bengal Village. The Fish Kofta Masala was incredibly tasteful. The “fishy-ness” was completely overpowered by the curry spices. It was delicious. And since it was a boneless fish dish, I found it rather easy to consume. I scooped up the whole serving with delicious Lemon Rice.

It has been a while since that fish intervention. Since then, my palate warmed up towards fish dishes. Now I almost feel as if I have been missing out. But, catching up with Bangladeshi style fish curry is a piece of cake when your workplace is close to Brick Lane. Many people who have met me recently after a while are surprised to see such drastic change of heart (or palate?) when it comes to fishes.

However, the major credit goes to Bengal Village. This Indian Cuisine restaurant serves very tasteful Bangladeshi dishes along with Indian cuisine dishes. Bengal (the region of South Asia) is known for abundance of fish. That is why the recipes, spices and cooking styles of Bangladeshi cuisine dishes brings out the best flavours out of the fishes. The menu of Bengal Village contains the most tasteful Indian dishes, even the meaty ones are delicious!

Seriously speaking, if you want to experience the wonders of fish curries in Brick Lane, order a takeaway from Bengal Village. You will thank me later.

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