Dining with Parents: Expect the Unexpected!

Indian cuisine dishes have appeal worldwide. It is very likely because the appetizing aroma, attractive colors and incredible taste of Indian cuisine are enough to attract people’s eyes and entice the taste buds. Since Indian dishes are so famous worldwide, it also has a significant impact on the cosmopolitan culture of the United Kingdom. And that is why Indian food has become an integral part of the British food culture.Surprise in Family Dinner!

Indian food has become a part of our lifestyle in so many ways. We often order Indian dishes for dinner on weeknights when we are too tired to cook, or sometimes as party food too. But, Indian food can also be good for small gatherings. Especially in summer. It is like BBQ dinner, but without the hassles of arranging and cleaning up. I have been doing the same with my friends, for a while. Because barbecuing takes up a lot of time and effort. Even though some of my friends laughed at me at first and took a shot or two at my masculinity (they still like to brag about the fact they use coal instead of gas for BBQ), when they sat down and started munching on those Papadams and nibbling on the Meat Samosas, they decided not to talk about BBQ at all. Yes, it tastes really great. Especially when you are sitting with your friends having a good time in the backyard in the light summer breeze.

The coolest part is my parents, who are quite traditional when it comes to dinners and gatherings, even if those are casual, have adopted my idea. It came as a surprise for me. Last weekend they called me and my younger brother to stop by for dinner. We dressed up in clean button downs as we were expecting a four-course dinner at the table. But when we stepped into their new house in Bexhill, we were surprised. There was nothing on the dining table. But my parents not lay down the plates, knives, and forks on the table like two hours before dinner. My brother ran to mom and asked if she needed help with setting the table. But it was our turn to be surprised again. The table was set in the backyard. And the dinner menu was something we quite did not expect.

It was takeaway dinner. Something my parents hardly order.

Indian Takeaway Food: A Portal of Happiness & Merry Times!

My parents invited their two grown up sons to an Indian cuisine dinner. Indian cuisine TAKEAWAY dinner to be precise!

It took us a while to overcome the shock. But we were far too elated actually. Both my brother and I are huge fans of Indian food. But when we were younger, my parents would only allow us to eat home cooked Indian meal. But now they have changed their mind apparently! http://www.angrarestaurant.co.uk/And they admitted so. According to my mother, it all happened thanks to an Indian cuisine restaurant and takeaway near their place called Angra Progressive Indian Cuisine.

They dined there once with friends they have made in this new neighborhood they have moved to. That experience has changed their perception of Indian cuisine dishes cooked in restaurants. And they wanted to share this new discovery with us.

I can’t complain that they did. Because the food they ordered from Angra restaurant was really delicious. Dad showed me their website. And believe me, the menu of Angra Progressive Indian Cuisine is quite diverse!

The best part is, Angra serves in Bexhill TN39, Cooden TN39, Sidley TN39, Lunsford’s Cross TN39, Battle TN33, Hooe TN33, Ninfield TN33, Catsfield TN33, St Leonards TN38, Silverhill TN38 and Hastings TN34. So, I guess I will also order deliveries to my place at Hastings. I must say, we had a good time scooping up Chicken Malaya and Lamb Kashmir with Cheese Naan.

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