Diary of a Newbie Taste Detective: Indian Food

Why is Indian cuisine so popular around the world? I have wondered many times, I am sure the food scientists have come up with some plausible explanation for the popularity. I have my own hypothesis however. Since I am an Indian food fan, my taste buds have some pointers.

Why Do I like Indian Food So Much?

Is it not obvious? Liking Indian food is very likely. But my sarcastic palate whispers in my ear that Indian dishes are generally like those high end outfits designed by famous fashion designers in Milan and Paris. The eye catching, artful works only displayed in runways or on celebrities or supermodels.

Because there is one thing common between the high end outfits and Indian food: contrast of flavours. I feel it as if Indian food items are generally tasteful combination of different (and at times opposite) flavours. There are many herbs and spices involved in preparing every item, and the spices create this flavour combo. That is why, when we add the “off the shelf” curry powders to the western food, it bursts with flavour (and tasty in a different light). Just like how the stark contrast of the outfits runway models wear, that keep us wondering and leave us fascinated.

I guess that is why Indian food is a growing business opportunity in the UK. The history of Indian food in UK dates back more than two centuries. Hence, the skilled Indian cuisine chefs, experienced restauranteurs and numerous Indian cuisine fans have made Indian food business an economically efficient industry.

Just look around, there are at least one, if not more Indian cuisine takeaways/restaurants in every neighbourhood. And the competition is high, therefore the takeaways try to maintain a quality standard to woo the customers. Most takeaways do home deliveries to customers up to some distance.

Talking (writing) About Food Makes Me Hungry!

I have a very triggering appetite (that keeps my gym trainer and nutritionist on run). I feel like eating when I talk or even think about food. That is why, while writing this blog, I have already ordered some Rangila Korma and Mushroom Pilau from Merchant Spice. This is an Indian cuisine takeaway in Fairfield Road. If you are a fan of Indian food in Braintree, you should give this takeaway a try. You can test my hypothesis about the taste of Indian food, tasting an order served by this takeaway. Merchant Spice serves in Cornish Hall End CM7, Finchingfield CM7, Great Bardfield CM7, Wethersfield CM7, Shalford CM7, Great Saling CM7, Felsted CM6, Cock Green CM6, Stisted CM77, Pattiswick CM77, Bradwell CM77, Cressing CM77, Black Notley CM77, Great Notley CM77, Rayne CM77 and Bartholomew Green CM77. For more information, please visit their website.

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