Chronicles of Curry Lover: Vacation Edition

Indian food has always been a part of my life. My parents are huge fans of curry dishes. They have embraced the essence of curry spirit, way back in their college days, more than three decades ago. When there were not many Indian cuisine restaurants and takeaways around. Definitely not in almost every neighborhood, like there are now. They are good at cooking the delicious dishes I order from the Indian restaurants and takeaways around. I must say, I am not good at cooking. I am grateful that there are more Indian cuisine restaurants and takeaways around now.

Of Convenience and Curry!

I hope there will be curry in heaven. To me, curry dishes taste heavenly. The taste, aroma and consistency of curry dishes, whether it is fish, meat or vegetable- are impeccable when prepared in the right way. And boy! Is that hard!

I am lucky to have Merchant Spice in my life. However, this Indian cuisine restaurant and takeaway serves in my neighborhood Cornish Hall End CM7. They also serve in Finchingfield CM7, Great Bardfield CM7, Wethersfield CM7, Shalford CM7, Great Saling CM7, Felsted CM6, Cock Green CM6, Stisted CM77, Pattiswick CM77, Bradwell CM77, Cressing CM77, Black Notley CM77, Great Notley CM77, Rayne CM77, and Bartholomew Green CM77.

The menu of Merchant Spice is mouth-watering. Sometimes I lose my appetite out of stress and anxiety at work (accountancy is not always fun). I browse through the online menu of Merchant Spice, and the next thing I know is, I can eat a hefty serving of these delicious food items!

The Garlic Chicken Tikka Masala of Merchant Spice is the most blissful thing to eat. I love some other dishes they offer too. But the Garlic Chicken Tikka Masala is out of the world! This Indian Cuisine takeaway has made my life simple. Are you wondering how can a local takeaway can have such impact on life? Well. When the workdays are excruciating, you would want to reward yourself occasionally. Merchant Spice made that very easy for me. All I have to do is pick the phone up and order a meal online. They deliver it on my doorstep.

Christmas Curry: A Time for Experiment!

I went to my parents’ place for Christmas. They are always up for making Christmas holidays fun and interesting. This time they have pitted us, the three siblings against each other to make something tasteful out of Christmas Meal, like the reality shows they watch in telly. My other siblings, who are more into cooking, and better at it, were making rather fancy and complex dishes. I thought I would try my best and watched some tutorials on how to cook Chicken Tikka Masala from leftover chicken.

I did manage to fix something when mom finally said “time is up”. Turns out, I am not that bad of a chef. It was nowhere near as tasty as Merchant Spice, but it was decent. After all, curry is all about flavour. I just tried to imitate the flavour of Chicken Tikka Masala dishes I order online.

If life were a long Christmas holiday, or any holidays, I surely would have honed my cooking skills. But I am not very enthusiastic to cook in regular life. That is why ordering online is still the best option for me to enjoy different types of tasteful Indian cuisine dishes.

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