Chicken Pathia: Less in Fat, More in Taste!

Indian cuisine dishes are awesome. The perfect blend of spices and herbs do magic on taste buds. And in the UK, we are now long acquainted to this incredible cuisine. Still the question remains, how well do we know Indian cuisine dishes? Because, the range of Indian cuisine is way too wide!

What’s not to love about Chicken Pathia!

To be honest, I don’t find any, unless you are not into eating a lot of tomatoes. And I love those red, juicy orbs! And that is why to me Chicken Pathia is more favorite Indian cuisine dish than other more “traditional” ones. Well, let’s call those more “popular” ones. I have nothing against popular dishes, I also order and enjoy those. But let’s just be honest, those creamy dishes are not really healthy to be regular weekend Indian dinner. It is totally fine (actually rather awesome) to order a creamy Indian gravy dish, but once in every week sounds somewhat “questionable” to me. Well, I have no authority to judge other people’s choices. I was just thinking aloud about my own choices.

Enough about the creamy curry and “healthy curry” debate, let’s just talk about my favorite Indian cuisine gravy dish. Well, I often attempt to cook Chicken Pathia, especially when I have like a lot of time, a little money (to order a takeaway) and a stocked kitchen. Well, the combination of these three are often unlikely. But they do happen at times. Well, I can tell you about how I experiment with those ingredients and a poor chicken breast. But, you must remember, these are not really “recipe” instructions.

At first, I fried garlic, bay-leaf, onions, with salt and turmeric powder in preheated oil in a saucepan, until the whole mixture turned golden.  Then I added the cubed pieces of chicken breast to the fried mixture and fried until the chicken went opaque.

Then I added cumin, cayenne and chillies to the pan and stirred thoroughly. And then I added the tomatoes and fried until the tomato skin broke and all of those were a gooey, shiny paste.

Then I added more tomatoes, well, actually, tomato puree along with lime juice, vinegar and sugar. Also I added some water. I let the total preparation to simmer for 10 minutes, then I turned off the heat.

I left the pan to cool off and later garnished the whole dish with coriander. Well, it was nowhere nearly awesome as they present in good Indian cuisine restaurants (or even the takeaway packages), but it was still something. However, I like dipping some Cheese Naan or Garlic Naan in the gravy of Chicken Pathia. However, sometimes I enjoy it with Pilau Rice as well. But I never like to eat Chicken Pathia with both Pilau Rice and Naan Bread.

Ordering Chicken Pathia in Chelmsford

Honestly, as much as I would love to cook endless batches of Chicken Pathia for myself, I also am realistic enough to know that it isn’t often feasible. Obviously, the next possible solution is ordering from an Indian cuisine takeaway. And I do that often. Because there is an incredible Indian cuisine restaurant and takeaway in 34 Moulsham Street, Chelmsford CM2. It is called Desi Indian Dining Club.

The menu of Desi Indian dining Club is incredible. They offer a wide range of Indian cuisine dishes. I have dined in there a few times as well. Great place to dine in, honestly.

So, if you really want to order some Indian cuisine dinner at times, I suggest you to check the website of Desi Indian Dining Club and order your favorite dishes. They serve in Writtle CM1, Great Baddow CM2, Sandon CM2, Broomfield CM1, Howe Green CM2 and Margaretting CM1. And also, they have five star hygiene rating.

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