Biryummy Holidays!

I am not the most religious person. But I take a moment to thank the higher power sometimes. Especially when I open the box of piping hot Indian food, and the aroma hits my nostrils. It is definitely a blessing to have a good Indian cuisine takeaway that delivers to my neighborhood.

Takeaway Is My Best Friend on Call!

Yes, an adult individual just wrote that. What can I say? When you live in a place where you have very few friends around, and they are as busy as you are, it is hard to find a friend to have a good time with.

I am not saying delicious curries are going to take over the human friends like a scary futuristic horror science fiction movie. However, for busy people like us, the easiest and comparatively harmless way of having a nice relaxing time is eating something delicious. Also, sometimes, eating delicious Indian food is not that bad of a thing. Especially, when the food is prepared from safe ingredients, with health concerns, in a kitchen that maintains high hygiene standards. Just like how they do in Tiger Bay. This Indian cuisine takeaway in Queens Road, Bournemouth serves delicious Indian cuisine dishes. I am especially fond of the Chicken Biryani they serve. I order this particular work of culinary art occasionally.

Holiday Experiments: Cooking Indian Food!

I spent my Christmas and New Years holidays in our grandparent’s countryside estate. It was a huge family reunion. Like most big family reunions, it was a gigantic mass of people of different preferences, thoughts, and dispositions, connected by different relationships. The most diverse aspect among us in our different taste in food. Before Christmas eve, it was clear that there were at least four different groups, that preferred different groups, that preferred different cuisines. Like my younger brother Rob along with cousins Randy and Adam. My parents preferred steak, so did my uncle Glen. Most importantly, my grandparents loved Indian food, so did my cousin Bruce. It was decided that, we will switch the cooking duty in groups. Our turn was on the Boxing Day. There were many chicken and turkey leftovers. Bruce made some turkey variant of Chicken Tikka Masala. My grandparents decided to make Boneless Fish Dupiaza. I was a little nervous, because I am not good at cooking Indian food. However, armed with the detailed recipe to make Biryani using leftover chicken pieces, I tried my best to prepare decent Chicken Biryani. I would not say it was restaurant/takeaway standard, but the feedback was positive, and that was enough for me.

However, if you want to taste good Indian cuisine dishes in Bournemouth, I can help. Try Tiger Bay. They serve in Redhill BH10, Ensbury Park BH10, Wallisdown BH10, Wallisdown BH11, Bournemouth town centre BH1, East Cliff BH1, Boscombe BH1, Branksome BH12, Upper Parkstone BH12, Canford Cliffs BH13, Sandbanks BH13, Branksome Park BH13, Lower Parkstone BH14, Penn Hill BH14, Bournemouth Central BH2, West Cliff BH2. Sure, you can prepare Chicken Biryani, or any other dishes. But if the effort is too much for you, you can easily order a delicious takeaway. You will enjoy every morsel, believe me!

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